Are you aware of the fact that choosing a right employee is one of the most important but also most challenging tasks for companies? Leave the recruitment & selection process to our certified experts team – psychologists with many years of experience in the human resources domain.



Why wouldn’t you focus exclusively on your business and let us concern about selection, administrative, legal and accounting jobs for assigned workers? Thanks to DEKRA candidates’ pool, we are able to find employees suitable for your business organization and for the period of time you specify.



Do you want to have a complete picture of personality characteristics, abilities, competencies and professional interests of your future and current employees? Our team of experts will evaluate knowledge, skills, abilities and motivation of interviewed persons by using the most modern methods.



Do you know that organizational climate, culture and employees’ engagement are one of the key elements which directly affect the efficiency of your company? If you want to ensure stable success for your company, it is important to determine the satisfaction and motivation factor of your employees as well as their level of engagement. Beside the „paper-pencil“ method we also implement DEKRA Organizational Climate, Employees Satisfaction and Engagement testing through our web application – DEKRA


DEKRA 360° & DEKRA 180°

Do you want to know strengths of your managers but also areas in which they can develop personally and professionally? DEKRA 360° is a method for evaluating the performance characteristics of managers by a number of associates who make "full circle" around the person who is being evaluated. The method includes assessment of: superiors, co-workers of the same level, subordinates and self-assessment and is being conducted by DEKRA application. If you are interested in assessment of employees who are not in managerial positions, we can offer you DEKRA 180° method which includes assessment of: superiors, co-workers of the same level and self-assessment.



Are you aware that successful employer branding leads to a positive perception of a specific brand in the community, which contributes to increasing the likelihood of attracting new employees and often affects existing employees as well as potential customers? We are implementing Employer Branding projects in close collaboration with our clients during which we create solutions that are fully tailored to the specifics of the company's customers and the relevant industry.



Does your company go through organizational changes that will result in workforce overage? Provide the opportunity for the staff who will become overage to manage in the labor market. Our team of experts will help them find a new, appropriate job within the time limit.



Do you need consulting regarding ​​human resources management? Our team of consultants is at your disposal.

DEKRA will create and carry out for you:

• Projects of making sistematizations
• Systems of work effect evaluation
• Systems of compensations and benefits
• Sociometric testing
• Coaching of managers
• Projects of making reward system
• Training of ”soft skills” custom made for your business needs
• Other programs and projects from human resources domain adjusted to your business organization


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